1. capsulated time

    enough of the blue shoe’s box laid splattered on the floor with rings of daisies circling it

    while whispers danced along the sills of times past 

    and murderous winds ravishedly beat the scorn of sorrow’s delight —

    traces of yesterdays groceries devoured by tomorrow’s anguish

    spilled onto the crystalling glass bottom boat

    filling sink holes with drips of today’s porridge —

    waves engulfing the wholeness of trains trudging through the wilderness

    disturbing stillness granted by serene opposition to the worries of emptiness

    furbishing white windows to the sea of transcendence leading to luscious springs —

    excused by longings devoid of reason

    clinging with hope to the dandelion’s breath pollinated in desire 

    visioning, searching off into the galleries of capsulated time —

  2. Family yardwork day. 

    Family yardwork day. 

  3. Compliments of Pinterest

    Compliments of Pinterest

  4. shackles

    I’m convinced there’s no emotion a walk can’t heal

    after the most exhilarating day or the most trying, 

    a walk replenishes the mind and restores the body 

    bringing equilibrium to the steepest of sea-saws —

    i’m convinced letting our legs wander brings more solace to our wondering minds

    than any high, fast or moment of ecstasy

    silencing doubts, fears or trembles of anxiety

    by bringing our breath back inside our chest cavity —

    i’m convinced the grass is only greener because someone labored endlessly

    watering it with time and energy instead of haphazard laziness

    nourishing it with tender abandon until its roots overflowed

    with spirit and natural springs —

    i’m convinced that no matter how many shooting stars ablaze the sky,

    we’ll all stray across the horizon searching for the truth, a truth

    that will set us free from the weights we drag mercilessly,   

    chained to the shackles surrounding our fortress —

  5. This silhouette. My heart grows 10x the size. #newphewlove

    This silhouette. My heart grows 10x the size. #newphewlove

  6. Nephew love.

    Nephew love.

  7. filler

    Walls posting abundance of falsehoods signifying lies untold
    fostering words of deceit and ideologies incomplete
    falter not on misunderstanding or the blinding filters
    but on misgivings of original defeat

    Traces of smoke filling the air as pirouettes gain momentum
    hundreds of Polaroids falling from the sky silhouetting the ruins
    ashes upon flakes of hypnotic daisies
    vintage accolades finishing last upon receipt

    Stares trespassing the locks of the golden
    secretly fastened against prisoners of certainty
    this is no more, no more there cannot be
    in this muzzle of agonizing retreat –

  8. "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
    from Zen Shin Talks   (via nofatnowhip)
  9. "Solitude with God repairs the damage done by the fret and noise and clamor of the world."
    Oswald Chambers  (via kvtes)
  10. whispers

    i guessed, but you’re the one who asked
    i stumbled, but you’re the one who pushed
    i crumbled, but you’re the one that bled
    i cried, but you’re the one who crashed

    you withered, but i’m the one who tarnished
    you pictured, but i’m the one who painted
    you rocked, but i’m the one who moved

    accusations turned blue beneath the skin
    riddance ruptured breathing vessels

    feathers fall in whispers around the dreams we tell in our sleep 

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