1. I realize I’m obsessed and I’m completely ok with it. #dogselfie

    I realize I’m obsessed and I’m completely ok with it. #dogselfie

  2. #tbt Paris 2013. Pure delight. Take me back!!

    #tbt Paris 2013. Pure delight. Take me back!!

  3. I’m ready for my close-up.

    I’m ready for my close-up.

  4. ferris wheel

    You try, you pretend, you decorate the newness with sparkly things. But you never truly get over the choices that led you to those fixtures. You postulate as a new manifesto, a billboard for Bob Marley’s “Every little thing is going to be alright” while scrambling to make it through another day intact. As a human. A socially acceptable human. You read post after post succumbing to the pressures of good-heartedness while secretly disdaining the very existence of self-professed calls for love. You smile, you nod, you postulate a little more. But where did all of reality go, you wonder. You ponder. You smoke until oblivion in the night’s shadows. To hide, to pass by the hours that tick mercilessly at your doorstep. The persistent knocking that keeps you awake at night while you wrestle the demons of the morning’s funhouse. The trickery, the mockery. The fake calming music promising dreams that will go unanswered because that’s the joke of it all: it’s gone. Flat as a nail head. Destructive as a gapping ledge. You are its captive and you have no way to get off the ride that has become your detour. So you think and think, and think a little more. How do I get off this ride? The jump below makes true to its promise of breaking you into a million jagged pieces of yesterday’s sorrows. Could it be worse, you wonder?  Being stuck at the top is your absolute fear. You count the seconds until your decision is required. If you jump, you’re dead. If you stay, you’re dead. Where are your wings when you relish their sweetness the most? Where are the surprises of the nights spent atop the roofs looking for answers and planning merry trips into the place of no return? Where are the promises spoken in niceties to keep you forevermore in the preservation of sanity draped in soft silk? Washed away in hot waves of negligence. You rise to the top. Stay, or jump. You ask. You decide. You fly. 

    Photo compliments of my own talent. 

  5. knee-deep

    long ago white whispers of lethal intentions swept through the air

    as the clam stillness entered the tethers binding us in our convictions

    lyric after lyric the riffs tear me apart as I melt onto the floor bleeding

    spools of desires caught on the rug placed in provision

    we lay, we spill, we breathe with fierce fascination of the reverb

    the reverb engulfed by our sincere apologies for the dreams we willed into

    diamonds dispersed among maladies of beads of sweat breaking across the logic

    words caught in sequence to the tears lost by the filters

    letters pitter patter across the page outlining the image of times past

    polaroids capturing the intimate lessons fostering the hopes of longevity

    robbing the watch of its minutes spiraling down broken palaces

    here too it parallels quartz running the hands of our dimensions

    back to the reds of our air floating between us

    blanketed by security knee-deep

    Thrown rembrants of loyals lost in the sand’s highest peak

    swinging across songs that capture your heart’s beat

    voices lost in the crowd of stardom, shouting over wants, our needs

    driven ambitions broken piece by piece stabbing any chance of reality —


    picture compliments of my own talent

  6. #birthday2014


  7. He’s anything but thrilled. #dogselfie

    He’s anything but thrilled. #dogselfie

  8. Pinterest told me to paint mason jars, so I am. #craftynotcrafty

    Pinterest told me to paint mason jars, so I am. #craftynotcrafty

  9. the kiln

    coats of paint cover up the welts of bruising reality
    patterns fixed to create the facade of tranquility
    bought with scores of supplies to hide the undercurrents of distress —

    one city will bear the brunt of what is pushed down to the depths of loneliness
    miles flown to progress the falsehood of contentment, ignoring signs of haphazard planning
    but it keeps propelling toward a dream that was already thrown away —

    picture by picture to tell a story of what is to cover what was
    because what was is too hard to acknowledge with soberness
    it’s a pile of brokenness sprinkled with naiveness and fruitful intentions —

    but see, that’s ok because not all that is broken deserves to be toss to the curb
    broken shards can be resurrected in the kiln of truth and transformed into something wildly beautiful
    untamed and full, blossoming with fields of choice —

    pain is met with thanksgiving, sharing a table of promises and pleas
    to stunt the growth of anger’s vengeance with poppyseed featherings
    dust to dawn, ashes raining in colored hopes of what could be —

  10. traveling

    I’ve been hit with the travel bug. Hard. It happened three years ago when I was fortunate enough to travel to Ireland. Something shifted inside of me while in Dublin. Its lasting impression has spurred an intense interest in exploring international cities. Although I had been to Mexico and the Dominican Republic before Ireland, something grabbed my heart when I traveled through Dublin, Cork and Killarney. I think it was seeing Western Civilization in a different light: exploring cities that have been around for centuries, not 200+ years like American cities. The rich history ignited a passion in me and now I have this unquenchable thirst to see more. London and Paris left me speechless. We were transfixed by their beauty, culture and history. We’d travel back in a heartbeat. I would love to be able to get a short-term working assignment in either city through my work (we have offices in both cities). Like the Irish cities, London and Paris changed something inside of me. The phrase, “enrich your soul” comes to mind.  Traveling has truly enriched my soul probably more than any other experience in this world (besides love). I’ve lived in a “box” my whole life; living and going to school within a 15 miles radius of where I was born. I never ventured outside of that square. I’m not regretful of that or diffusing the goodness of it. It was part of my life’s journey. But now that I’m older and more able, I crave experiences of seeing the world; adventures outside of my familiar surroundings, to the point where I could cry just thinking/talking about it. There is a sense of magic when I see a profound piece of history in person. Take the Eiffel Tower for example. There are no words to describe the magic of seeing that commanding statue in person. It swelled my brain with awe and admiration.  It makes you realize just how small we all are in the world; how vast this planet is and how little we really know. I’ve been researching cities for hopefully our next trip abroad and watching Rick Steve’s videos. Amsterdam and Barcelona are so far at the top of the list. I’m not kidding you when I say I sit here with goosebumps just thinking about them. 

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