1. "Do not listen with the intent to reply, but with the intent to understand."
    Dale Partridge
  2. Sunroof riding in the Mountains. #nofilter #denver2014

    Sunroof riding in the Mountains. #nofilter #denver2014

  3. Colorado

    We just got back from a long weekend in Denver. To sum up our experience: Colorado is legit. 

    I have never seen such beautiful, luscious scenery in my life. Ever. The picturesque views are awe-inspiring. It was like seeing scenes from a movie. Those commercials of the car driving in the mountains amongst the greenery and perfect background? We were there. In that scene. It was unreal. 

    We hiked in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, toured Red Rocks amphitheater and hiked a little bit in Red Rocks Park. Friends, there are no words. No words to describe how powerful these rock formations are, how little we are in comparison, how vast the history of our planet is, how little we understand. To someone who thinks he/she has the world figured out: I urge you to go spend the day among these mountains and tell me how certain you are after leaving them. Their massiveness is humbling. Their serenity is indescribable. 

    Many trips are on our horizon back to this gem state. To see, feel and be captivated. 

    This is why I travel. It changes me. 





  4. Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO.

    Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO.

  5. Gushing

    Time for a gushing post. Last night we babysat my two year old nephew. Not only is my heart swelling from my nephew’s hilarious personality, but also from watching my man interact with him. Dave is a natural. Him and Brooks could have entertained each other all night and that…that makes my heart swell. There’s something about seeing the man you love interact with kids; especially kids who mean the world to you. It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes accompanied with the brightest smile. 

    It’s endearing to watch this little child grow right before our eyes. From holding him on his second day of life to having him jump in my arms saying, “come on, Aunt Kim” to reading to him…it has created a new space in my heart for love unbeknownst to me. It is beyond comprehension; it’s a power that exists all on its own. Love that develops automatically without any amount of time, learning or requirements. It just is. 


  6. Saturday hike. #ClarkTrail #WeldonSprings

    Saturday hike. #ClarkTrail #WeldonSprings

  7. drained

    There is too much noise —
    too many voices spewing ideologies
    too many reviews of should-haves and have-nots
    too many bursting eardrums from the echoes of unsolicited feedback

    Your constant flood of insistence
    is draining the battery of this self-powered envelope
    that did not include you but you somehow managed to open
    until the gate could no longer contain your impeding commands

    Too many damaging figures dancing across subconscious poppy-seed fields
    ruining the delight of the lighthearted who so thankfully fought to grow amongst the crossfire
    to lead something better than the watered-down medication you promised to serve
    you and your reservoirs, spoiling anything that releases oxygen

    But we sit here and we take it because what else are we to do
    fight a fight that cannot deliver a winning resolve for sanctified relations
    So the romanticists continue to paint whimsical portraits of a dreamland
    that neither exists nor has the heart to be after burning at the stake of your irrationalities 


  8. I realize I’m obsessed and I’m completely ok with it. #dogselfie

    I realize I’m obsessed and I’m completely ok with it. #dogselfie

  9. #tbt Paris 2013. Pure delight. Take me back!!

    #tbt Paris 2013. Pure delight. Take me back!!

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