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    The way I see it (and I have a chapter on this in my book), the Bible is a diverse book with all sorts of emotions, moods, and thoughts. This Bible—the Bible we actually have and not a sanitized and well-behaved Bible we might like to have— does not so much give us “rules to live by,” but models for us our own diverse journeys of faith. When we watch how the Bible works, we have permission to explore, test, discover, converse, and debate—even with God. The Bible doesn’t close off that process, but encourages it.

    The Bible is God’s word, but not as a rulebook or Christian owner’s manual. It is a place where come to met God—which can mean struggling with God, wrestling with God, debating God, and also learning of God, being comforted and encouraged by God, and seeking peace and joy.

    Peter Enns on Rob Bell’s tumblr
  2. Welcoming my second nephew to the world, Sutton James Gaebler! #nephewlove

    Welcoming my second nephew to the world, Sutton James Gaebler! #nephewlove

  3. My best friend and most loyal companion for 10 years. His health isn’t well. Making the most of all the time left. #mansbestfriend #bestdog

    My best friend and most loyal companion for 10 years. His health isn’t well. Making the most of all the time left. #mansbestfriend #bestdog

  4. labored weekend

    This has truly felt like a holiday weekend: tons of rest, time with friends/family and moving at my own speed. No rushing, deadlines, must-do’s. Much, much needed and a long time coming. My spirit is renewed, and ready for my man to come home. 

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  5. "Do not listen with the intent to reply, but with the intent to understand."
    Dale Partridge
  6. Sunroof riding in the Mountains. #nofilter #denver2014

    Sunroof riding in the Mountains. #nofilter #denver2014

  7. Colorado

    We just got back from a long weekend in Denver. To sum up our experience: Colorado is legit. 

    I have never seen such beautiful, luscious scenery in my life. Ever. The picturesque views are awe-inspiring. It was like seeing scenes from a movie. Those commercials of the car driving in the mountains amongst the greenery and perfect background? We were there. In that scene. It was unreal. 

    We hiked in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, toured Red Rocks amphitheater and hiked a little bit in Red Rocks Park. Friends, there are no words. No words to describe how powerful these rock formations are, how little we are in comparison, how vast the history of our planet is, how little we understand. To someone who thinks he/she has the world figured out: I urge you to go spend the day among these mountains and tell me how certain you are after leaving them. Their massiveness is humbling. Their serenity is indescribable. 

    Many trips are on our horizon back to this gem state. To see, feel and be captivated. 

    This is why I travel. It changes me. 





  8. Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO.

    Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO.

  9. Gushing

    Time for a gushing post. Last night we babysat my two year old nephew. Not only is my heart swelling from my nephew’s hilarious personality, but also from watching my man interact with him. Dave is a natural. Him and Brooks could have entertained each other all night and that…that makes my heart swell. There’s something about seeing the man you love interact with kids; especially kids who mean the world to you. It’s enough to bring tears to my eyes accompanied with the brightest smile. 

    It’s endearing to watch this little child grow right before our eyes. From holding him on his second day of life to having him jump in my arms saying, “come on, Aunt Kim” to reading to him…it has created a new space in my heart for love unbeknownst to me. It is beyond comprehension; it’s a power that exists all on its own. Love that develops automatically without any amount of time, learning or requirements. It just is. 


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