1. All the plans I had for this past weekend went out the window. Instead, I enjoyed spur of the moment fun, which is so much better than intended plans sometimes. Saturday afternoon I went to the Gateway Race Track in Illinois for the first time to watch my cousin pretend to be Ricky Bobby for a few hours. The fam, some close friends and I doned our custom-printed fan shirts, compliments of Evolve Screen Printing, and cheered Todd on as he enjoyed an exciting gift from his sweetie. Then we went to lunch afterward at Fast Eddie’s. That place is quite interesting and took a few drinks for me to handle. Nonetheless, it was great spending time with family and cutting loose.

    Sunday morning I played a round of golf for the first time with my dad and uncle. True to Gaebler style, our tee time was 7:22 AM. Even truer to Gaebler style, my dad didn’t pay for me and said I was just along for the ride to see if I had any interest in the game. So when the course marshalls weren’t looking, my dad and uncle showed me how to drive, chip and putt. And I must say, a lot more goes into golf than I ever realized! Holy cow. The highlights of the morning were: driving a ball further than my dad, driving the golf cart like crazy (so much so I knocked my dad’s clubs off the back and┬ákept zooming ahead) and hearing my uncle cuss for the first time in my life! I’m sure more fun family golf experiences are ahead :-)


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